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About Us


T aylor and Taylor, PA is best described as a local, “small town law firm.” We have served the legal needs of Carteret County residents and visitors since its founder, Nelson W. Taylor, III, already an experienced attorney, opened his Carteret County law office in 1965.

“Small town law firm” means our expertise is necessarily diverse due to nearly 50 years of local service provided to a wide range of long-time, loyal and new clients with varying legal needs.

We have assisted clients with:

• Family law matters
• Traffic violations
• Criminal Issues
• Personal Injury Claims
• Buying and Selling Residential and Commercial Real Estate and/or Business Entities
• Estate Planning and Administration
• Wills and Trusts
• Business Transactions

We also specialize in civil trials of all kinds, including disputes over property, contracts, wills, and negligent or intentional harm or damage to persons, property, and reputations.

The firm also serves organizations, business entities, and institutional clients including associations, churches, corporations, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, municipalities, our local Community College and specialized entities such as property management companies and Homeowner’s Associations.

It is our objective to expertly, promptly and efficiently address the legal needs of every client and, in those special circumstances where we do not offer experienced counsel, to assist our client with finding the expertise needed. We share our client’s legal problems and concerns and they become ours to resolve.